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Expat Centre

J.R. Edwards Financial specialise in financial planning for Expatriate clients.

We recognise that getting best advice is often a challenge when you are resident in another country.

Perhaps you are one of the following:

• I am an International Expat
• I am an Expat in UK
• I am a UK resident thinking about becoming an Expat
• I am a returning Expat

We have a unique experience of the wants and needs of expatriates. As a result J.R Edwards Financial have tailored their service to accommodate these key areas, ensuring your personal financial planning continues no matter where you are based.

All the time with peace of mind that you are getting advice from a qualified, authorised and regulated Independent Financial Adviser.

As you would expect we have an extensive global network of professional contacts.

The result is a unique, professional, strictly confidential and independent service.

To find out more contact us for a confidential discussion.